SKTL Season 1

Sun 5th Nov 2017 - 12:23am : Gaming

Clan SK is proud to announce the launch of the SK Team League Season 1. This league is packed with Broodwars premier talent, and will showcase some of the best team match-ups. If you are interested in supporting this $500 prize pool please click here. We will be spotlighting the top 3 weekly match-ups with a two man casting team that will be held on our official Twitch channel:

Prize Pool
1st- $300
2nd- $125
3rd- $75

Please refer to and join our SKTL Discord for any league information. (Schedule, Team Rosters, Results, Rules)

SKTL starts November 4, 2017 and the deadline for week 1 line-up submission is November 5, 2017 at 12pm est. You will have all week to schedule your match-up with your opponent if you cannot meet the default time Saturdays at 12pm est.Your default play time for week 1 is November 11 at 12pm est. You have until Sunday at 12pm est every week to submit your line-up for the week, if you fail to submit your line-up by the deadline your team will forfeit that weeks match. To submit your lineup please contact [SK]fire directly, contact information is listed below.

It is very important that every team, and team captain/coach read the rules completely. There is an order to submitting replays and will answer most general questions. If you need any clarification or the help of a league admin please join our discord channel by clicking here and feel free to ask. If you notice you do not have a team captain please reach out to [SK]fire and designate one. 

We are currently searching for staff members to help run our current projects, and for expansion ideas in the near future. If you feel like you would be a good fit, please contact me.

League Discord: Click Here!
Clan Discord: Click Here!
Official Stream:
If you are interested in supporting the prize pool for this event please click here!

Dangerous to Play Alone -
E-Sports Tickets -

Contact: [SK]Fire ID: FOr#11217
Discord: fire#6357
Or just PM me here.




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