• PATL Grand Finals
    Sun 26th Nov 2017 - 8:09am 1

    PATL Grand Finals

    SK-A advances beats wce in semi finals to advance to Grand Finals to face off against SouL.

  • PATL Playoffs
    Tue 14th Nov 2017 - 11:13pm 1

    PATL Playoffs

    Congrats to SK-A for making the playoffs! Here is the matchups for the week.

  • SKTL S1 Prize Pool Update!
    Tue 14th Nov 2017 - 11:08pm 0

    SKTL S1 Prize Pool Update!

    Would you be interested in supporting the prizepool for SKTL S1?  

  • BSL SM#2
    Mon 13th Nov 2017 - 4:44pm 2

    BSL SM#2

    Are you ready for another showmatch? Check this one out!

  • SKTL Week 1 Vods
    Mon 13th Nov 2017 - 4:13pm 1

    SKTL Week 1 Vods

    Make sure to watch all of the casts and stay up to date on the standings! I will update the VOD list as they come in.

  • Clan SK Weekly Schedule
    Mon 13th Nov 2017 - 3:31pm 1

    Clan SK Weekly Schedule

    Clan SK Weekly Schedule (All times are Eastern Standard Time)

  • TL Open #5
    Mon 13th Nov 2017 - 3:16pm 1

    TL Open #5

    Congratulations Bonyth and TerrOr on the recent success! 

  • Community Fun Tour
    Mon 6th Nov 2017 - 8:23pm 1

    Community Fun Tour

    Give the people what they want! Crowdfunded community fun tour! 

  • Matcherino - Official Partners!
    Sun 5th Nov 2017 - 1:05am 2

    Matcherino - Official Partners!

    It goes without saying that we are delighted to announce the official partnership with the crowdfunding sensation in eSports - Matcherino!

  • E-Sports Tickets - Official Partner
    Sun 5th Nov 2017 - 12:57am 1

    E-Sports Tickets - Official Partner

    SK is delighted to announce the offical partnership with!

  • SKTL Season 1
    Sun 5th Nov 2017 - 12:23am 0

    SKTL Season 1

    Clan SK is proud to announce the launch of the SK Team League Season 1. This league is packed with Broodwars premier talent, and will showcase some of the best team match-ups. If you are interested in supporting this $500 prize pool please 

  • PATL Week 10 (11/05/17)
    Fri 8th Aug 2014 - 1:31pm 2

    PATL Week 10 (11/05/17)

    Please make sure to show your full support as Clan SK approaches its finals season of PATL and works to advance to the playoffs. Both SK-A and SK-B will be playing 11/05/17 @ 12:00pm est. If you would like to enjoy the cast please join us at…